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Our firm has been working with experts in anesthesiology for over twenty five years, which makes it much easier for us to review the facts of your case to see if it is a case that should be investigated and pursued.

Birth Injuries

We resolve Birth Related Injuries. If a child has suffered a loss of oxygen during their birth, the temporary suffocation may cause serious brain injuries. If you have any fears or concerns that a child may have suffered a medical mistake, contact Eaton immediately.

We will be glad to discuss with you any questions you may have about any birth related injuries. We have a team of experts in obstetrics, nursing, neonatology, pediatric neurology, neuro-radiology and life care planning to tackle and win these catastrophic cases.

Cancer Misdiagnosis

We handle cases involving the failure to timely diagnose and treat cancer of all types. Also, more and more cancer is being diagnosed and treated in the United States than at any other time in our history. If you or a loved one was not given the option of waiting and watching in regard to treatment for prostate cancer you may have a valid medical malpractice claim.

Cardiac Care Errors

Errors in the management of cardiac care usually result in severe injury or death. We have a team of experts in cardiology, emergency medicine, primary care medicine, internal medicine and pharmacology that can help us determine whether a valid claim for cardiac medical malpractice exists.

Legal Malpractice

If you believe that an attorney gave you the wrong advice about settling your  medical malpractice or personal injury case, failed to file your claim within the statute of limitations, had a conflict of interest in your representation or any other serious flaw in his or her representation of you please contact us immediately.

Nursing Home Negligence

Our law firm handles claims of nursing home negligence and abuse. Often nursing homes are not staffed appropriately for the number of residents they must care for and supervise. If you have a loved one that has not received appropriate care in a nursing home resulting in a fall, bed sore or other injury please let us investigate your potential claim.

Prescription Errors

Medication errors often have catastrophic results, especially when patients are given medications that they are allergic to or are contra-indicated to treat their condition. 

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a medication error that caused injury or death we have a team of medical and pharmacy experts that can build a solid case, and obtain the compensation you deserve for the injury or death caused by the medication error.


One of the most devastating injuries anyone can suffer is the disabling neurologic injuries caused by a stroke. We have been on the cutting edge of medicine related to the diagnosis and treatment of stroke for over twenty five years.

We have powerful experts in the areas of emergency medicine, neurology, radiology, nursing and rehabilitation medicine that allow us to construct the best possible case to compensate you for the injuries you and/or your loved ones have suffered due to the failure to timely diagnose and/or treat stroke.

Surgical Errors/Infections

It takes a great deal of experience to determine whether the poor surgical outcome was a known complication of the procedure or whether the surgical complication could have been avoided. We have a team of experts in general surgery, infectious disease and other specialties to help us decide whether a valid claim for medical malpractice exists.

Wrongful Death

We resolve Wrongful Death cases. Wrongful death is when a person is killed due to the fault of another, whether it is a defective product, automobile crash, truck crash motorcycle crash, medical malpractice, failure to provide adequate security, or any other situation where a loss of life has occurred that could have been avoided if others had been more careful.


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